Frustrated by a lack of phone calls and wondering what to do?

Don’t give frustration another minute!
Let me show you exactly what to do next.

I build marketing road maps for small brick-and-mortar businesses around Iron Mountain, MI.


Your business is better-than-the-rest but customers aren’t reaching out to you.

  • Why aren’t people calling me?

  • Do they know how to contact me?

  • What should I be saying to attract customers?

  • Where should I be saying it?

No worries – I can help with all of this!

Your solution? Catch their attention and then keep it, with a stand up and take notice message they see over and over again in all the right places.

I help you do just that!

I craft a message and offering so irresistible they'll be lined up at the door.

Then I implement a marketing plan that makes sure your perfect customers hear from you over and over again so you are always top of mind.

From plan to message to materials –

I take care of it so you don’t have to.

Marketing Unmasked