Behind the Mask

Sidekicks Marketing

Unmasking the marketing mystique , Jen Raiche splits her time between a lively family life and the creative world of marketing.  Her passion is helping businesses become the best they can through exemplary service, creative solutions, and execution.

She has an eye for design and enjoys the pursuit of creative ideas.

Collaborative, communicative and tenacious, Jen wants to work for your business!


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Jen is a 2001 graduate of Northern Michigan University and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing.  Upon graduation, she enjoyed the opportunity to work as web project manager at DMI Studios (Green Bay) for 3 years.  There she honed her customer service skills collaborating with clients such as Thrivant Financial, Ariens and the Green Bay Packers.  From website design and creation, to updating content and online marketing, she managed and initiated projects and campaigns for her clients.

A few years into her career, she hung up her cape and boots and dawned an apron as motherhood became the focus of her life. During that time, she still enjoyed leveraging her  marketing and web design skills for friends and family.

Soon after Jen’s family began to travel throughout the Midwest for her husband’s career (Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, and South Dakota).  While traveling suited their family, they both longed to move back to God’s country (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) and in March of 2012, did just that.  They feel blessed to have had the opportunities they did, though they haven’t looked back since.

Beginning a new chapter in her life, Jen is helping small businesses become the best brand they can be.  Her goal is to help them grow and become wildly successful.  Thus, Sidekicks Marketing was created!

How may she help you?


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