Social Media Policy

Leveraging social media is smart business.  After all, there benefits are numerous.  Social media engages customers and prospects.  Social media helps to get out a brand’s message.  Social media can inspire.  Social media is free!

However, with the proliferation  of social media and the ease with which posts, updates and tweets can be made, it might be good to pause before we hit the keys.

The interwebs are full of social media fails, a quick internet search will give you plenty of illustrations of social media flubs, faux-pas and frustrations.

How about some rules for the road of the social media highway?

Think then type

It is always best to picture your audience in your mind before typing anything.  Imagine Joe customer and ask yourself if what you’re about to say would instruct, inspire or encourage him.  If your update would not pass the muster, maybe you should pass on it.

Kindness is King

Interacting with other people will sometimes be difficult to navigate.  People be messy.  Situations arise and they should always be handled with kindness whether a disgruntled customer, an unhappy fan, a dysfunctional relative.  Every interaction with the public on social media represents Brand You.  Remember that and speak softly.

The Mom Test

Last, but not least, if it’s not something you would say to your Mom, it probably shouldn’t be said.  The internet is rife with inappropriate jokes, rude remarks and racy pictures.  I’m not sure that we need to be contributing to it.

Remember the Goal

The goal of social media is to bring people together.  Make life a little bit better, a little bit more inspired and a little bit brighter because of your message.  Remember, there is another person on the receiving end.

Begin !

Now it’s your turn.  If you haven’t jumped in, there’s nothing to be afraid of.  You can refine your approach as you go.

If you’re a social media pro in the making, be sure to inspire, encourage and engage–there’s a person on the other side of your message.

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