Honestly Speaking

There is a person I knew in business once.  He was a nice guy.  He was a people-person.  His major hangup?  Sometimes he’d lie in order to position himself better–whether in friendships or in the professional world.

I’m not sure why he did this.  I’m quite sure he knew his colleagues knew about his habit of lying.  But, he persisted.  It was something his co-workers simply accepted as part of who he was.  Though nobody liked it.


Marketing is all about branding.  You want people to trust your brand.  This creates a need for honesty.  Although many business’ knee-jerk reaction to a tough situation is exactly the opposite; they run to the little white lie.

I mention that great marketing is honest.  This should be self evident, but it needs repeating.  How often do we come across marketing (daily?) that is not honest.  Whether it’s the false satisfaction-guarantee, a bold face sales lie or simply dishonesty in advertising or conversation.

Are you looking for your customers to trust you (of course you are).  Then, honesty is your best friend.  Live it.  Practice it.  Even when it hurts.

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